Ten Key Policies Fund Managers Should Include in Their Employee Handbooks (Part Two of Three)

For advisers to fully benefit from the advantages that employee handbooks can provide, the policies within those handbooks need to be well-drafted; tailored to the adviser; fairly and uniformly administered; and compliant with applicable law. Many advisers may take for granted, however, that those conditions are met, without taking the time to properly vet their existing employee handbooks to ensure they remain current and cover each new area of employment law. This second article in a three-part series reviews ten policies that advisers should consider including in their handbooks, including a statement on at-will employment as well as policies prohibiting discrimination and harassment in the workplace. The first article outlined the key benefits to fund managers of adopting employee handbooks, the laws that frequently inform the policies included in handbooks and the administration of employee handbooks. The third article will explain how advisers can avoid common mistakes when drafting their employee handbook policies. See our two-part series on diversity and inclusion in asset management: “Key Challenges and Impacts of 2020 Events” (Jul. 27, 2021); and “Structural Barriers and Investor Impact” (Aug. 3, 2021).

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