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About us

About us

The Private Equity Law Report (PELR) analyzes critical legal issues in the private equity industry, including related to rulemaking, compliance, taxation, marketing and other operational challenges that private equity sponsors confront on an ongoing basis.  Leveraging the proven editorial approach of the Hedge Fund Law Report over the last decade, the PELR provides subscribers with proprietary analysis on dynamic issues unfolding in the industry and plain-English guidance to assist legal counsel and compliance professionals. Ultimately, the PELR’s team of private fund attorneys work relentlessly to provide the information and tools subscribers need to revise practices, policies and procedures to mitigate risk.

Subscribers to the PELR receive a summary of new proprietary analysis via an email alert each Tuesday.   Most importantly, subscribers have access to the PELR’s full database of analysis across 120 topics and 1,400 articles. The PELR database employs advanced searchability and filtering to enable subscribers to locate perspectives that are most relevant to them.

If you are general counsel, compliance officer, external counsel or service provider within the private equity industry, we invite to you to learn more about PELR through a trial, and or we would be happy to speak with you live about opportunities to collaborate as a contributor or source for future articles.    

The PELR is a part of the Law Report Group, an Acuris company.  


We are pleased to provide professionals working in a legal and compliance function in the private equity industry with an opportunity to evaluate the Private Equity Law Report (PELR) through a two-week trial.  To set up trial access, please click on the “Take a trial” icon in the upper right-hand corner. 


Annual subscriptions are available on an individual and enterprise level.  Current subscribers to the Hedge Fund Law Report that would like to add the PELR to their subscription are eligible for a discounted rate.  Please contact rory.sullivan@acuris.com or +1 (212)-686-5337 for more information.  

Subscribers to the Private Equity Law Report are granted exclusive access to market leading insight and proprietary analysis of key developments in hedge fund law and regulation. A subscription includes:

  • Delivery of each week's issue of the Private Equity Law Report to your inbox.
  • Password access to all content in each week's issue.
  • Fully searchable research archive, containing all prior articles.
  • Downloadable, printer-friendly version of each week's issue of the Private Equity Law Report, and all past issues.