KPMG Report Examines the Pandemic’s Disproportionate Impact on Careers of Women in Asset Management

The pandemic prompted and accelerated numerous changes to employment practices across all industries, including asset management. In particular, lockdowns, travel restrictions and social-distancing mandates resulted in many employees working from home for extended periods of time, presenting a unique opportunity for asset management firms to test drive remote and hybrid work models. Although those changes were particularly welcomed by women tasked with also serving as primary caregivers for their families, many worry about the potentially negative professional impact on their future promotions and career advancement. KPMG explored the impact of the pandemic’s remote and flexible work arrangements on women by surveying 491 asset management industry professionals in June 2021, the results of which were summarized in KPMG’s report. This article summarizes key takeaways from the report and perspectives from asset management professionals. For additional coverage of KPMG surveys and reports, see “ALFI/KPMG Survey Details Evolution and Growth of Luxembourg Private Debt Funds” (May 18, 2021); and “KPMG Reports on AIFMD’s Efficacy Five Years After Implementation” (Apr. 16, 2019).

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