Survey Finds Regulatory Issues Are Key Driver of PE CFOs’ Evolving and Expanding Role

The role of a PE CFO is fundamentally changing as CFOs increasingly take on new responsibilities beyond financial oversight. Nowadays, CFOs are helping their PE firms navigate global market upheavals, macroeconomic forces, new regulations, digitalization and intense competition for assets. To better understand how the PE CFO role is evolving, Mergermarket surveyed 30 CFOs of PE firms (Survey) in the U.S. and Western Europe during the second quarter of 2022. Interestingly, the Survey reveals that, although most PE firms have CCOs, other C‑suite positions are less likely to be filled, CFOs are increasingly taking on more investor-facing duties and regulatory matters are a key priority for CFOs. This article summarizes those key takeaways from the Survey and the report in which Mergermarket presented the Survey’s findings. See our two-part series on the Dechert and Mergermarket 2021 PE outlook: “Developments in Fund Structures, Fundraising and Management” (Jan. 26, 2021); and “Global Trends, Deal-Making Issues and Strategies to Adopt” (Feb. 2, 2021).

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