Unlocking Global Investment Opportunities: The Power of Luxembourg Private Funds

Over the past few decades, Luxembourg has grown as a hub for global managers to raise capital, and with E.U., Asian and Middle Eastern money all at play, it has become the second largest funds center in the world after the U.S. With a combination of aligning circumstances elevating Luxembourg as one of the jurisdictions of choice for asset managers, this guest article by senior Luxembourg counsel Nadia Bonnet at Simpson Thacher explores how Luxembourg has become a leading global hub for asset managers to raise capital, offering diverse investment opportunities and regulatory advantages for cross-border distribution of funds. See “IFI Global Survey Identifies Trends in Offshore Domiciliation and Fund Structuring Among U.S. Managers” (Nov. 2, 2021); and “Luxembourg Funds Offer Options for Fund Managers to Access European and Global Investors” (Feb. 11, 2016).

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