BarkerGilmore Survey Benchmarks Compliance Personnel Compensation by Company Type, Revenue, Gender, Education and Industry

Executive search consulting firm BarkerGilmore recently released the results of its study of the compensation earned by more than 800 compliance professionals. Notably, the study found modest year-over-year increases in total compensation; a significant pay gap between male and female compliance professionals; that compliance professionals at public companies earn more than those in similar positions at private companies; and that compliance professionals with law degrees earn significantly more than those without. This article examines those and other key findings from the study. For another look at compliance officer compensation, see “RCA Compensation Trends Panel Discusses Strong Market for Private Fund Compliance and Legal Personnel” (Jan. 25, 2018). See also our series of two-part interviews with David Claypoole: “How Have Industry Developments Affected the Value of Legal and Compliance Staff?” (Feb. 2, 2017); “Will Industry Deregulation Affect the Value of Legal and Compliance Staff?” (Feb. 16, 2017); “What Is the Value of Legal and Compliance Staff?” (Mar. 12, 2015); and “Trends in Legal and Compliance Hiring and Staffing” (Mar. 19, 2015).

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