Strategies to Mitigate Evolving Cybersecurity Risks Introduced by a Fully Remote Workforce

The coronavirus pandemic has closed offices across the U.S. and around the globe, forcing many businesses to operate from their employees’ homes. Although working from home is not a new concept, the scale and pressures under which this shift has occurred present numerous challenges and increased cybersecurity risks to corporate information and resources. A recent ACA Compliance Group (ACA) program featuring Chad Neale and Noah Fox, partner and associate director, respectively, at ACA, outlined recent trends in cyber attacks and how bad actors are taking advantage of potential weaknesses arising from businesses’ responses to the coronavirus pandemic. Notably, the program provided concrete examples of coronavirus-related cyber attacks, along with practical guidance for identifying and addressing vulnerabilities. This article reviews the key takeaways from the program. For additional commentary from ACA, see our two-part series examining the sponsor-led secondary market: “Themes, Issues and Solutions” (Oct. 8, 2019); and “Keys to Success, Process and Compliance” (Oct. 15, 2019).

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