LPs Are Increasingly Frustrated by GPs’ Outdated Technology and Non‑Standardized Reporting

Although the PE industry is built on the adage that “time is money,” it seems that the sentiment has not trickled into how GPs deliver information and data to LPs. Many GPs still deliver information to LPs via PDFs, which are woefully outdated and can hamper LPs’ data-tracking efforts. Further, GPs’ reluctance to adopt the Institutional Limited Partners Association (ILPA) model fee template or any other standardized reporting techniques inhibits LPs’ apples-to-apples comparisons of managers while also wasting GPs’ time dealing with bespoke informational requests. Those issues were highlighted in a recent Privcap Media webinar moderated by partner David Snow and featuring Jim Rutherfurd, managing director and head of investor relations at Pine Brook Partners; Neal Prunier, director of standards and best practices at ILPA; and Meghan McAlpine, director, strategy and product marketing at SS&C Intralinks. This article summarizes key insights and takeaways from the discussion, including the coronavirus pandemic’s impact on communication; trends in reporting modes and technology; reasons why standardized reporting is needed; and issues regarding standardization of reporting fees and expenses; due diligence questionnaires; and environmental, social and governance elements. For coverage of other technological issues affecting PE, see our two-part series on regulatory technology in the private funds industry: “Evolution, Status and Future” (Mar. 3, 2020); and “Use for Compliance Efforts and Potential Benefits of Emerging Technologies” (Mar. 10, 2020).

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