How In‑House Expertise Can Help Outside Counsel

When faced with a compliance-related crisis, most companies contact outside counsel for advice and support. Law firms can offer critical resources, including seasoned attorneys with years of investigatory experience under their belts, but they often lack hands-on, in-house experience with compliance programs. This can lead to misunderstandings and stress. With this in mind, Amy Schuh, a former executive at HP, Merck and Cognizant, took her in-house experience to Morgan Lewis to help build out an ethics and compliance practice. The Private Equity Law Report spoke with Schuh about the reasoning behind her move and how law firm teams can benefit from integrating in-house know-how into their practices. See our two-part series: “Importance of In‑House Counsel Discerning Their Client and Managing Evolving Attorney‑Client Privilege Issues” (Jun. 21, 2022); and “Tips for How In‑House Counsel Can Navigate Typical Ethical Dilemmas and Conflicts of Interest in the Role” (Jun. 28, 2022).

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