PE Investments in Renewable Energy Projects: Unique Trends, Advantages and Considerations (Part One of Two)

Renewable energy is a growing industry that offers a range of opportunities for PE managers and investors. Because of the special tax and project-development traits associated with investing in renewable energy, there are myriad unique factors for managers to consider before investing in this area. These topics were addressed in a recent webinar sponsored by Strafford CLE Webinars featuring Troutman Sanders partner Hayden S. Baker. This first article in a two-part series describes certain risk management and allocation trends based on the point in the development phase at which an investment is made, as well as unique considerations for managers. The second article will outline several federal tax credits that may enhance returns from investing in renewable energy, as well as investment structures managers can adopt to maximize the benefits thereof. See also “PELR Program Explores Current Issues and Trends in Impact Investing” (Jul. 16, 2019). For more on trending fund strategies, see “Annual Walkers Fundamentals Seminar Explores Fund Launches, Asset Flows, Strategies, Duration, Fees Governance and Hot Topics (Part One of Two)” (Dec. 20, 2018).

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